Our Breeding Doodles Live In Our Homes and Are a Part of Our Family….And They Have Amazing Puppies

Our  Puppy Moms

Standard Size Goldendoodles

Joy is an F1 Cream Standard Goldendoodle 57 lbs

Joy is exactly what her name implies.  She is always full of joy.  She loves to fetch and jump on the trampoline wit the boys.  She is very athletic and will do anything to find her ball.  She is extremely intelligent and passes that on to her puppies who seem to learn faster than most puppies.  Joy was bred by Randy and Jody Sharp in Elizabeth at Happy Critters Ranch and has had incredibly strong and gorgeous puppies.  She passes her athleticism on to her puppies who are often described as “The greatest dogs ever.”

Mini Australian Shephard

Cookie Dough AKC Mini Australian Shephard 17 Lbs.

Cookie Dough is such a cuddle bug, and her job is to take care of her boy William.  She is such a perfect companion and likes to be always with her person if possible.  She has a huge personality for a small dog and can keep up with the big dogs during playtime.  Cookie has such a gentle temperament that she is the perfect emotional support dog and is small enough to go everywhere with us.  She is a red merle and has gorgeous blue eyes that try to always keep her charges in sight.

Golden Retriever Sassy

Sassy F1 AKC Golden Retriever 55 lbs.

Sassy is such a mellow and easy-going golden retriever that loves to play with kids, other dogs and just about anyone she can entice. She is very even tempered and delivers incredibly calm babies. They are consistently strong, healthy, and beautiful.  Nothing seems to bother Sassy and she seems to just shrug and say “whatever”.  Loyal and athletic Sassy welcomes any adventure or challenge. Hunter or therapy support lifestyles will likely be suitable for her puppies if they are anything like their mother because she easily adapts to whatever she is asked to try.

Standard Size Goldendoodle

Scout Parti Poodle

Sarsaparilla Scout, we call her Scout, is our original breeding Poodle and has given us an amazing first litter. Scout is acrobatic, vivacious and loves to smile, but her soft-eyed gaze will melt your heart.  We see this in her equally adorable puppies! She is 45 lbs. and has passed all of her health testing.

Standard Size Goldendoodle

Charity F1 Goldendoodle Has Now Been Retired and Is Living the Good Life

Charity is our original breeding Goldendoodle and has had some amazing litters that have changed the lives of the families lucky enough to have one of her puppies.  She is 70 lbs. and has passed all of her health testing. Charity is the caretaker of both our family and the other moms and puppies.  She loves to smile and her grin has been passed on to many of her puppies.

Standard Size Goldendoodle

Lovely F1bb Mini Goldendoodle and Has Now Retired From Breeding

Lovely is a little lady on a mission.  She’s small, but she is not bashful about making her presence known.  She loves skirmishing with her 45lb+ sisters and brother in the yard.  Her two litters are chock full of multi-colored varieties of equally adorable puppies.  She is 20 lbs. and has passed all of her health testing. Lovely is playful and ever so sweet.

F1 Standard Bernedoodle

Penny Phantom 65 lbs. F1 Standard Bernedoodle.

Penny (Pennies From Heaven) loves everyone and everything she meets.  She is a sweet and loving pet and just wants to be with her people.  She would really like to be on your lap if possible.  Penny has produced beautiful and even-tempered puppies and we receive many referrals from families who currently have her puppies.  She comes from champion bloodlines and her puppies behave like the champion stock they come from.

Mini Bernedoodle

Mercy F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Mercy is fun, silly, and very loving.  She is a sweetheart who loves to be always by our side. She is the perfect family dog who wants to interact with our kids whenever possible.  She has such a strong, athletic body and can keep up with us on any adventures.  She especially loves to be included in games of fetch and chase.  Mercy has incredible puppies that capture the heart of their new families and take after their mom when it comes to love and snuggles.

Standard Size Goldendoodles

Grace 63 lbs. F1 Goldendoodle

“Princess” Grace is as regal and stunning as her name implies.  She is very sure of herself and likes to be the center of attention.  Grace has a thick luxurious coat and passes this on to her puppies.  She is very playful and athletic and is always up for a game of chase or fetch.  This sweet girl wants to accompany us on every adventure and yet is content to cuddle at our feet.


Faith F1 Bernedoodle

Faith F1 Standard Bernedoodle 60 lbs.

Faith is a big ball of love. She is incredibly patient and can tell when her humans need a little extra attention. She is a great mom, taking wonderful care of her puppies until the day they go to their forever homes. She produces beautiful and sweet puppies.  Her puppies have been described as “truly perfect!”, “so amazing and smart”, “sweet and amazing!”

F1 Standard Size Goldendoodle

Daisy F1 Goldendoodle 55 lbs.

Daisy is a sociable and fun-loving momma’s girl.  She was bred by Randy and Jody and is an amazing addition to our program.  She is yet to have puppies and is still learning all about how to be the best dog ever.