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A New Puppy Brings Lots Of Love and Lots Of Questions



Be Prepared

I have put together some important info to help our families on this incredible journey.  In addition, I will be creating a weekly blog to share more tips with our newsletter subscribers.

Bringing Your Baby Home

Just like when you bring a new baby into your home, a new puppy takes preparation and planning. Whether you have had many fur babies or are a first-time puppy owner there are things that need to be done before the big day arrives.  Our promise and commitment to you is that we are here for the ride.  Here is some basic info to get started with and we know that this is a bit overwhelming but please be assured, you are not in this alone.  Our lifetime commitment to you and your puppy is part of the package.  Remember, no question is stupid and do not be afraid to reach out if you need support. 


Recommended Puppy Supplies

These are the items I suggest you purchase before you bring your puppy home.  The advantage to being prepared ahead of time is that you can shop for the best products for the best prices and when your puppy arrives you can just relax and enjoy the experience. Other things will need to be purchased as the dog gets older but there is no reason to rush into it all at once.

These are things I have purchased and use and have found to be the best for my pets.  I find that,, and and usually have everything I need. When the puppy first arrives, I advise you to not visit pet stores or feed stores if possible to avoid bringing home disease.  Online shopping has made this so much easier.  I even have my dog food delivered which makes it easier on me too.

Stella is by far the best dog I could have ever thought of owning.  My family and I can’t get over how inteligent Stella is. She has been a blessing since day one.  When our family is ready to bring Stella home a brother or sister we know who to call.  Thanks again!

Cameron Esquivel

Essential Puppy Items:

  1. Dog Crate: Large enough for them to stand and turn around in as they grow. Adjustable crates are nice because they can grow with the puppy.
  2. Puppy Play Pen: Make sure the pen has a sturdy metal frame so it can’t be easily pushed over. Choose a minimum 26″ high for mini puppies and minimum 30″ to 46” high for standard sized puppies.
  3. 2 untippable Stainless Steel Dog Bowls: Medium Size. As they get older these should be raised.
  4. A good-quality dry puppy food (we recommend Large Breed Purina One Smart Blend or Purina Pro Plan All Stages). That is what they are currently being fed and I would like you to keep them on this for at least one bag full.  If you choose to feed something else, please slowly switch the puppy over to the new food. The exception to this is our small (mini) puppies. They MAY be on a smaller size kibble and not the large breed type.
  5. Assorted puppy toys but no rawhides. Nothing with parts they can chew and swallow.  Kong are good and so are antlers.
  6. Large supply of puppy pads
  7. MANY rolls of cheap paper towels
  8. Collar and leash and a gentle leader for a little later
  9. One sleeping blanket or dog bed for inside the kennel and another for outside of the kennel. Use this once the puppy is going potty really well outside.  You don’t want them to start going in the crate.
  10. Grooming tools: I use a metal comb, a Chris Christensen long pin slicker brush and a dematting tool. You will also need nail clippers or I use a Dremel tool with a stone grinding attachment.
  11. Ear wipes or ear cleaner: I love Zymox because it works great.
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