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If you see any puppies you are interested in request a puppy application now and get place a deposit.  These puppies go fast.


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What is the Adoption Process?

I’m Ready, Now What?

What Are The Next Steps?

  1. Involve the entire family in the final decision about what size, breed and gender is best for your family.  Is everyone in the home onboard?
  2. Fill out a Puppy Application
  3. Send your $500 deposit via Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.
  4. Make a list of puppy supplies you will need.  Here’s our recommended list.
  5. Continue learning more about the breed, training techniques and generally prepare for the arrival of the puppy.

Create Your Safe and Happy Puppy Home

Puppies need to feel included and will want to be close to the family.  They are also messy at first and will chew anything they can find which can be very dangerous and costly.  Puppy proof your home and find a great indoor space and an outdoor place that will be easy to access for potty training and easy to clean.  Decide if a crate, puppy pen or both will work best in your situation.

How Does This Process Work?

We are Excited To Be Making This Puppy Journey With You And Want To Make This As Stress-Free As Possible

Included With Each Puppy:

  • Fully health tested parent dogs

  • Health examination by a licensed vet at 8 weeks

  • Dew Claws removed (occasionally this is not possible due to timing of litter)

  • First shots

  • Deworming every 2 weeks

  • Started on potty training

  • Socialization with young kid, cats and chaos

  • Two-year health guarantee



Adoption Process:


Once we have approved your puppy application, fill out a deposit agreement and place a non-refundable deposit!


We keep our Instagram and Facebook pages going with daily/weekly updates with plenty of pics/videos!

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Pick Up Day will be scheduled 1-2 week in advance! We plan for 8 weeks for this, and so should you. Pick­-ups (and picks) are in order of deposit received.

Contact us with any questions!

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