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Why Choose Us?

Years Of Experience Breeding Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles. We promise you and your puppy a Lifetime of Support

We Are Unique

We breed exceptional doodles in northern Colorado.  We passionately raise puppies in our homes and strive to produce and train socialized, healthy, and gorgeous doodle puppies for responsible and loving owners. We carefully breed standard and mini Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, and Aussiedoodle puppies.


As breeders of home-raised doodles, our dogs are our pets first and foremost.  They are a part of our family and sleep in our beds, have a spot on the couch, enjoy family adventures, and receive tons of love, toys and special treats.   We’ve always had dogs in our homes and we are in love with doodles and can’t wait to help you on your very own puppy journey.

We Offer Your Puppy A Lifetime Of Support

Our puppies begin their lives as part of our family and we are committed to developing a smart, healthy, and well socialized puppy that will transition and bond to their new family easily and securely.  Many of our new puppy families have little or no experience with dogs and we take pride in supporting our families from start to finish.  Our families who have been dog lovers for ever still benefit from our continuing commitment to educating ourselves with the newest information available and passing that knowledge on to the new family.

Why Choose A Puppy Love Doodle

We Offer More

Health Testing

At Puppy Love Doodles we believe you deserve the healthiest puppy possible.  All of our parent dogs have been fully health tested using DNA breed specific heart,  eye and OFA hip testing.  With our mini parents, we also do patella and elbow testing. Because we know our breeding dogs are genetically and physically superior, we are able to confidently offer a two year genetic health guarantee with each puppy.

Our Puppies Are Raised In Our Homes

We believe that the best puppies are the ones raised in the home with lots of early stimulation and socialization.  We have a few litters a year and are able to dedicate many hours each day playing with and teaching our puppies how to be the best possible companions. The entire family is involved and everyone plays a role in creating a puppy that can easily adjust once they arrive in their new homes.  We learn the personalities and quirks of each puppy so that we can help make sure they fit the lifestyle of the new family. We are eager to help you pick the puppy that will be the perfect match. We are constantly getting referrals from our happy puppy families who want their friends and family to also have the best doodle possible.

Which Breed For Us?

Doodles are adorable and smart and loyal and make wonderful companions.  However, the different breeds that make up doodles are not always created equal.  The Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Shephard are very different dogs in body type as well as personality.  It is very important to take time to research and understand what makes these breeds so amazing and so unique.  Poodles of different sizes are also very different in behavior as well as physical abilities.  Be sure you know what you want in a dog before committing and consider that looks aren’t always the basis on which to base a 10+ year relationship on.
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Timing for bringing Home a New Puppy

Before you actually place a deposit and decide you are ready for a new furry family member it is important to understand the commitment you are making and to involve the entire family in this puppy journey.  A few very important things to consider are:

  • Who will have primarily responsiblity of the puppy?
  • How will crate and potty training be handled in the first days and weeks?
  • Where will the puppy sleep, exercise, receive training, etc.
  • How will the puppy interact with other pets and extended family’s pets?
  • How will I keep the puppy safe until vacinations are complete and from other dangers?  Is our proposed enclosure adequate and safe?
What is the Adoption Process?

I’m Ready, Now What?

What Are The Next Steps?

  1. Involve the entire family in the final decision about what size, breed and gender is best for your family.  Is everyone in the home onboard?
  2. Fill out a Puppy Application
  3. Send your $500 deposit via Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.
  4. Make a list of puppy supplies you will need.  Here’s our recommended list.
  5. Continue learning more about the breed, training techniques and generally prepare for the arrival of the puppy.

Create Your Safe and Happy Puppy Home

Puppies need to feel included and will want to be close to the family.  They are also messy at first and will chew anything they can find which can be very dangerous and costly.  Puppy proof your home and find a great indoor space and an outdoor place that will be easy to access for potty training and easy to clean.  Decide if a crate, puppy pen or both will work best in your situation.